100+ psychological facts about girls that guy dont know

 100+ psychological facts about girls that guy dont know 

Are You Looking For Psychological Facts About Girls Then You Are At Right Place, Today In This Post I Will Share With You 100+ Facts About Girls that guy don't know 
100+ Facts About Girls that guy don't know

What are some strange/interesting facts about women?

A girl feel sad when she misses her love but she will feel 100 times more sadder when she comes to know that the opposite person is not missing her.

A girl might not trust her boyfriend every time but she would always love her beloved and trusted one.

Girls who laugh and talk a lot usually cry alone at night.

What are some mind blowing facts about female psychology?

In every girl’s life there are 3 boys. 
1)Boy who is loved by this girl.
 2)Boy who is hated by this girl and
 3)A boy whom she thinks that she can’t live without him.

A girl cannot keep a secret for more than 47 hours.She would share with someone definitely.
Girls spends one year of their lifetime just to decide which dress to wear.

Out of every 100 girls,only one girl will become wife of her lover remaining 99 girls will become passwords for their lovers gmail,facebook accounts.

40% deliveries in America are of unmarried women.

A girl cries around 30–64 times in an year and a boy cries around 9–16 times an year.

Girls always tell 3 lies in their life time.
They are:- 1)I hate you 
2)I am fine and 
3)I would never believe you.

Whenever a boy says I LOVE YOU to a girl,she feels that she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

Girls like the boys who asks them for advice.

Girls are scared of cockroaches.

We girls love it when you compliment. Call us intelligent, call us smart, call us pretty.

We are so much into your ex girlfriends. We want them to be pretty. We stalk them just to know our competition xD (p.s you are here as in boyfriend or crush)

Hot girls in your friendlist? Yeah we stalk them too. (p.s you are here as in boyfriend or crush)

We are always shouting like we need no one, we are strong enough, we are this, we are that.

 Yes we definitely are strong but somewhere we want to feel loved by a man.

We like to be flattered all the time

I personally like it when a guy asks me for advice.

We actually have nothing to wear :’(

We like comforting people.

Emotionally we are weak at times but never like to show it though.

Girls don't dress up for men. They always dress up for themselves according to their mood swings,location they are going,season,waxing schedules,period cycle availability of suitable accessories etc.

Girls are better at multitasking.

The average women owns 19 pairs of shoes but only wear 7. Madness!

Girls are more likely to say 'i am sorry' because they are more likely to think they have done something wrong.

Girls has twice as many pain receptors on their body but a much higher tolerance.

70% of girls use silence to express pain.

They seem to use both sides of their brain for problem solving.infact they listen with the whole of their brain.

Make outs are more emotional for females as compared to males, for males it's more physical.

They don't want a honest answer to the question “how am I looking?”

When she is attracted towards man,she speaks in a higher pitch than normal.

Girl's heart beat faster than guy's.

Only 2% of girls describe themselves beautiful. 

Women spends nearly one year of their lives deciding what to wear.

The average women owns 19 pairs of shoes but only wear 7. Madness!

Taller women are more likely to get cancer.

Women spend over 4 years (in total) of their lives Menstruating.

Every 90 seconds, one woman dies during Pregnancy or Childbirth.

Women speaks about 20,000 words a day

52% of girls would like to lose weight, but only 33% think they are overweight.

Girls often take decisions on the basis of emotions rather than going by logic.

The average amount of time a women can keep a secret 47 hours and 15 minutes.

Women cry on average 30 to 64 times a year.

facts about girls that guys don't know

  1. Girls face harassment at least once in their lifetime. Some face it in intial days, some at teenage or some after becoming housewives. But they surely face it, that too from someone close.
  2. If a girl is stylish and exposing, boys will call her characterless. If she's Simple and Nerd, boys will again call her outdated. So, what should the girls do now? Please tell!
  3. Girls love their father the most. But sadly, it's their father who in most of the cases, forces her to marry someone of his choice rather than of her choice.
  4. A supremely Beautiful or talented girl never gets along with her female friends, why? Because every other girl is Jealous of her.
  5. The 5 days of a month are the worst days for any girl, it's a nightmare for those who suffers from period cramps.
  6. More than the girls who cry, the girls who don't cry and hates being emotional needs more love and care.
  7. We don't get along with our mothers easily, exception those who have supreme patience.
  8. When a girl is in love she will never think about any other guy. So if your lady is more interested to talk about other guys while dating you, dude, she don't love you. Move on!
  9. A girl never wants to confess her feelings, but she wants, her guy does it in the same way she could have done. Did you get it now, why arguments took place between a couple often!
  10. We don't move on easily from one guy whom we truly love, to another. If you see your female ex is with another guy as soon as you guys broke up, lol she was never into you.
  11. Girls are more romantic than boys. But, we will never show or admit it.
  12. Most of the girls are very insecure about themselves. So they get really jealous and hate it when you praise other girls in front of them. This is also the reason we are so much into makeup and surgeries these days.
  13. Girls usually fell for those guys, in whom they can see their father's shadow. If you want to impress her just observe and behave like her father.
  14. Above all the qualities, we search for a guy who can care and pamper us, like our father.
  15. Talkative girls loves to talk, but when someone calls it irritating , We really feel bad and sad.
  16. We can sense it very well who likes us. We just act innocent!
  17. We love it when a boy stares at us from distance, and quickly turns away as soon as we catch them!
  18. Girls have way too many expectations from their boyfriends or husbands, be it physically or mentally. But we hate explaining it. So, we also search for a guy who's a mind reader.
  19. A good girl will always choose her self respect and parents over anyone. If she chooses you above them she really trusts you, don't break her heart, please.
  20. Last, We love to eat, but we don't love to cook. Honest confession!

What are some psychological hacks to know if someone likes you?

  1. A woman can easily smell danger and you can count on her instincts in dealing with strangers.
  2. If you see her upset, it will make her feel better if you try to find out why and give her a patient listening and empathize.
  3. If she is silent and has turned cold, you may have hurt her badly and she may be relooking at other options.
  4. Looking nice is important to every woman. genuine compliments will take you a long way.
  5. Women are socially conscious and dress as per the occasion. It will be nice if you match your clothing accordingly.
  6. A smile on her face is proportional to the amount of quality time you spend with her.
  7. A woman will never like you over-praising another woman, even your mother.
  8. Surprise gifts, flowers, and holidays are always welcome; may be a cliched point, but does wonders to make her feel special.
  9. If you look at her, "as more than a friend" but do not make it clear, you will be easily friend-zoned.
  10. She is invested in you and does do things selflessly, when you show similar concern, you win her heart bigtime.
  11. If she teases you and gives you nick names, she is usually attracted to you and sees you as more than a friend.
  12. Women tend to remember more of those who ignore them, than those who constantly talk to them.
  13. Women judge very quickly, and their judgment rarely goes wrong.
  14. Women are usually impatient.
  15. If you compare your girl with another girl it's your lost.
  16. Women tend to fall in love with those who talk naughty.
  17. For women saying bye doesn't mean bye. it sometimes means “don't go away” or “please stay with me longer, I need you now!”.
  18. Women do like men who can change their mood or make them laugh more than those rich hot men.
  19. And MEN you should know that women are no sex objects.
  20. If you want to win in an argument, just be quiet for a while and see the result.