Most Asked Question About Telegram Messenger

Today in this post, we will discuss about Most Asked Question About Telegram Messenger i.e. Telegram FAQ ( Frequently ask Question )

Most Asked Question About Telegram Messenger

No Doubt Telegram is Rich Features Messaging application and more secure that whatsapp, That's why most people chose telegram.

So following are some Frequently ask Question about Telegram 

Telegram FAQ ( Frequently ask Question )

Here is list of 20 Most asked questions about Telegram... 

1 : What is Telegram ?

According to Wikipedia 

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging, video telephony and voice over IP service with end-to-end encryption for secret chat only, whereas cloud chat uses client-server/server-client encryption.

2 : What is Telegram used for ?

Telegram is social media app and mostly used for messaging,

3 : Is Telegram Safe to use ?

Yes.. Even Telegram is more Secure than Whatsapp, Telegram Have End-to-end Encryption, Telegram uses a symmetric encryption scheme called MTProto.

4 : what is difference between Telegram and Whatsapp ?

Both are social media messaging apps, but Telegram is more Secure than Whatsapp.

5 : Is Telegram Social media app ?

Yes, Even Telegram is most used social media app in some countries

6 : Why Telegram is banned ?

In some Countries Telegram is banned by government, because terrorist organizations are operating on telegram ..

7: Is Telegram Used for Cheating ?

in some cases it is used, like many carders and hackers use telegram for fraud, because Telegram also provides Secretes chat option..

8 : Can you track someone on telegram ?

No. you cant track someone on Telegram because They use Highly Secure Encryption 

9 : Is telegram indian app ?

No Telegram is not indian app..

10 : Is telegram better than whatsapp ?

Telegram has More Features than whatsapp and this make telegram unique 

11 : Who Own Telegram or Who is founder of telegram ?

Pavel Durov is founder of Telegram ?

12 : What Are Advantages of Telegram ?

  • It is Free 
  • No Ads
  • More Secure 
  • Fast Messaging Service 
  • More Features than others apps

13 : How Does Telegram Makes Money ?

telegram Runs on donations, ( Read More about it )

14 : Is telegram Give money ?

No, Currently Their is no such service available

15 : Where is Telegram Most Popular ?

Telegram is most popular and most used social media app in Iran 

16 : Is telegram Popular in USA ?

yes Most Peoples Used Telegram in USA..

17 : Can we watch movies on telegram ?

no But you can join Telegram Channels & from there you can download movies or web series..

18 : what is Telegram Bots ?

Bots are simply Telegram accounts operated by software – not people

19 : How much users can join Telegram Group ?

200,00 Users can join Telegram Group 

20 : Which is the best Telegram channel for movies ?

We have made collection of telegram groups where you can download movies 

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