Best Telegram Groups For Programmers

There are many Telegram groups dedicated to programming and software development. Here are a few suggestions:

Programming Hub: This group is dedicated to discussing programming languages and technologies, sharing resources and knowledge, and asking for help with programming challenges.

CodeNewbie: This group is specifically for people who are new to programming and want to learn from others in the community.

Code Review: This group is for developers to share code, get feedback, and discuss best practices for writing high-quality code.

Women in Tech: This group is for women in the tech industry to connect, share resources, and discuss career advancement and other topics related to being a woman in tech.

Stack Overflow: This group is not specifically for programming, but rather for general computer science and software development. It is based on the popular Stack Overflow website, where users can ask and answer technical questions.

Keep in mind that these groups may have their own rules and guidelines for participation, so be sure to read and follow them.

Here are the links to the Telegram groups I recommended:

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